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208 County Road 250, Durango, CO 81301


Success Stories

208 County Road 250, Durango, CO 81301


From the moment I walked in the stale beer/fresh baked bread smelling hall...I knew I was in love. Over the last year and a half, I have entered the doors to the Vault in various states-happy/sad, feeling fit/fat, tired/energized-you name it, and no matter HOW I walked in, I have always walked out with smile on my face, a spring in my step, above all, feeling like you both truly care. If I DIDN'T walk in the door when expected? Most likely a text from one of you asking if everything is ok, or, even better, letting me know I was missed! MISSED (swoon). Never before have I been so mentally and physically challenged-in all the many, many, MANY workouts, not ONE has been the same. I love that there is praise when I do something for the first time (pull-ups!) and encouragement when you know I can do more (everything!). I sing your praises all over town, because I know that I have discovered something unique and beneficial for all. The love I have for the Vault extends beyond the workouts, I have made new friends and re-connected with old friends as well. I find myself looking forward to my workouts to see "my peeps." The two of you have a gift, and I will never, ever take that gift for granted.
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!! ~ Heather H.


I am so grateful to Donnis and EY for the new friendships and strength they’ve given me. It has made all the difference in my life. The personal attention in class and strong encouragement to keep pushing has given me an increased sense of self confidence. My family and friends see it and my husband especially notices and loves it. These women have not only helped me in the gym but they have become dear friends. A Million Thanks to both of these ladies for all they have done for me. ~Jill W.


I’m walking a little taller these days. Feeling good physically AND mentally! EY and Donnis craft stellar workouts which have made me reach deep down to find physical strength and mental determination to achieve even small goals: jump a couple of inches higher, lift a couple more pounds, complete a couple more reps. I hope that EY and Donnis can consider my successes theirs too—they’ve played a big part in them! My favorite thing to say about The Vault when anybody asks me about it…It’s sweaty, it’s gritty and it’s INTENSE! I love it! ~Lisa S.


Ode to EY and Donnis:

I can remember the first time I heard about The Vault. I was going to Advantage Physical Therapy, and the PT assistant, Jaime, was gingerly walking around as if her leg muscles were incredibly sore. She is an ultra-runner, and I asked her if she had done a hard run the day before. “Nope,” she replied, “Donnis at The Vault kicked my ass with walking lunges! I love her!” I was sold.

It’s now 10 months since my first class, and The Vault is a regular, very necessary part of my week. I love sharing the day’s workout with my husband, and he loves how happy The Vault has made me. I’ve made new friends, and I get to see old friends whom I wouldn’t necessarily see so often. I’ve learned my body can do things I never thought it could, and I can hardly believe how I used to toil away in the gym for hours, never really making any progress (or having this much fun!). If I miss a 6 AM class I feel like I didn’t start my day quite right! All of this wouldn’t be possible without you, EY and Donnis. You both are incredibly inspiring and motivating. I am so thankful you girls and The Vault are part of my life! ~ Love, Erin M.


Donnis and EY are awesome trainers. They both make it a priority to motivate their clients while teaching proper techniques to prevent injury. The Vault really helped me this summer come back from a nagging knee injury. Working circuit X classes into my rehab gave me stability and confidence in my knee to get ready for ski season. I was amazed how I felt the first day on the hill after working out with Donnis and EY! I recommend the Vault to my patients and anyone looking to make a positive impact on their life and health! ~ Lloyd Decker D.C.

I started going to the Vault in November of 2011. I had broken a number of bones between 2010 and 2011. I was trying to recover from a shattered heal and a burst vertebrae that happened within 6 months of each other. Not too mention, I had separated my ribs twice in 2010 and broke a toe on the ottoman. During this same time period, my husband was unfaithful and verbally abusive and my self-esteem was in the gutter. A few of my friends, (Amy, Matt, John, and Julie) convinced me that the Vault was a great workout. I also had everal physical therapists recommending that I do some type of impact workout to strengthen my bones. I had been a serious cyclist for years and that was not helping with my bone issues. So I took my friend’s advice and took a class with Donnis. The old space was like the undercover gym. A tiny little space, with a secret code, located above a shady local bar. I could not believe how much you could do with so little equipment. I was pretty much hooked immediately, even though it took me a week to recover from one workout. I remember telling Donnis, “I just want to be able to do one “feet-2-bar”. I never thought it would happen. My back was so weak and I had so much pain, even a year after my accident. I kept going one day a week, and the fact that EY and Donnis make it feel like a special family really motivates me. I go after work and I can always count on seeing friends and sharing laughs. It’s really taken me through some rough days and still does. Now, a year plus later, I go about 3 times a week and I don’t take as long to recover. My core is stronger than ever. My back rarely bothers me and I can do “Feet-2-Bar” until I’m blue in the face! I love this place!! I am here and stronger than ever because of Donnis and EY. Thanks you two!!! ~ Much love, Julz M.

EY and Donnis:

Thank you so much for all of your support, encouragement and time to support my fitness level. After many years of trying to improve my fitness level through my employer and at home, I was unable to achieve any level of success near what I have accomplished at The Vault. During this past fall, my employer requires a fitness assessment via the Cooper Institute system. My scores were not only all passing for the first time ever, most of the scores were in the “Superior” range. This is a credit to you both, for your hard work, constant support, and encouragement of everyone who attends your gym. I am truly in better shape than any time in my life, and owe it to you both. Thank you for your commitment to all of us, to be healthier, happier and fit customers! ~ Randy Black


I’d love to say that I’ve lost 25 pounds since joining the Vault in May 2012. But, the truth is I haven’t lost any weight…none! In fact I’ve gained so much more. Not weight - but strength, confidence, toned arms and abs and the best one – FRIENDS! I can’t say enough about Donnis and EY and the supportive, nurturing environment they provide at the the Vault. Regardless of your ability level they encourage, train, protect and push you to do your best. It’s not always fun but the satisfaction in the end is worth it both physically and mentally.

Happy Birthday EY and Donnis. The Momentum gang was leaving after a workout one day and the comment was made “What would we do without a Vault?” It’s true. Our lunch workouts keep us sane in a busy work environment and have brought us closer together as friends not just as co-workers. Thank you for what you provide to Durango – keep it up! ~Hugs to you both, Kathy Black

“In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.” -Albert Schweitzer

Donnis and EY- I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am to have both of you and The Vault in my life. Since starting at the Vault I have lost 50 lbs and am in the best shape I have ever been in- EVER! You have reminded me what I love about working out, feeling fit and being healthy. It took me months to try The Vault and your Circuit X classes after hearing about it. I thought I had to “get in better shape” BEFORE starting classes. I was intimidated and scared. I had been really inactive since having my two boys. I tried to get into classes and workout routines at various other facilities and nothing inspired me or motivated me, until I tried The Vault. I was immediately addicted to the classes, and the support I found from the two of you and the other members of the gym. I love that I have never done the same workout twice, that I am pushed every day that I walk into those doors, and that I have met some of the most inspirational people at The Vault. Even though my weight loss has slowed down; I am constantly seeing improvements in strength, endurance, and fitness. To get an unassisted pullup for the first time, and have the entire class cheer for you is an amazing feeling, and one that you have given to so many people. I have never had so much fun working out.

I am grateful for so much more than the weight loss and fitness. I have more self-confidence and more energy than I have had in a long time. I am forever thankful for the two of you, your hard work, dedication and inspiration. The success of all of your clients is a direct reflection of the two of you. ~ Lots of Love, Jess B.

The Top Ten Things We Love About The Vault 2013

By: Matt (Phillips) & Amy (Colyar)

  1. The encouragement

  2. Listening to Donnis explain the workout to JV ... 3 times

  3. Poppin bottles in the ice, like a blizzard , When we drink we do it right gettin slizzard , Sippin sizzurp in my ride, like Three 6, Now I'm feelin so fly like a G6

  4. That we keep getting workouts with double-unders even though, like, 98 percent of us can't do double-unders.

  5. Donnis' hats

  6. When you correct our technique and we can feel the improvement

  7. When the windows are clear at the beginning of the workout, and fogged at the end

  8. Surprise! Tabata!

  9. Coming to the Thursday class still a little sore from Tuesday's class.

  10. The results!

I've always been a fan of fitness and have 'worked out' on some level my whole life. i joined the Vault because Donnis and EY are my friends and i wanted to support them and i knew they would kick my butt! What I didn't expect was everything else I got with it!
Strength of body! The Vault has THE BEST workouts and programming I've ever been a part of and I’ve been a part of a lot!
Strength of mind! EY and Donnis challenge you to always do your best and strive to raise the bar of what your best can be every day!
Strength of spirit! I’ve never laughed and smiled and been inspired like I am every time I workout at The Vault! (on a side note, i've also never sweat, heaved, wheezed and groaned like I do every time I workout at The Vault!! )
But perhaps the best thing that has happened since joining The Vault is the Strength in friendships. Getting to know Donnis and EY better has been such an honor. And meeting the extraordinary and diverse group of people that come to The Vault has enriched my life beyond words!
I wake up every day with strength of body, mind and spirit ... and knowing I have some of the best friendships I could ever hope for. NONE of which would have happened if not for EY and Donnis and The Vault. This is definitely one of those times when 'Thank You' just doesn't cut it ... but I will say it anyway, over and over again!!!

Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. - Anais Nin
I love you both madly and always. ~Kathy R.

"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around." ~ Leo Buscaglia

This quote embodies all the support you ladies give us each and every day. I know that by having you in my life, I have been able to turn things around for myself. I am grateful for all the kick ass work outs, late night dance parties, hiking adventures, and the unconditional support you give me every day. I wish you both the best on your birthdays! Cheers to many more laughs and smiles together!! ~Love, Carrie L.

For a majority of my life going to the gym has been synonymous with thoughts of “don’t want to, but have to,” “that sucked,” or “I’ll start tomorrow.” Since I started Circuit X classes at The Vault seven months ago, my attitude has taken a complete 180. Not only am I physically more capable than I ever imagined I could be, but also mentally healthier than ever before. Donnis and EY have done an outstanding job creating a supportive, challenging and enthusiastic environment with one-on-one attention that is a true rarity. Becoming part of The Vault community hasn’t been a short-term change, resolution or goal, but an overall lifestyle choice. I can’t ever thank these trainers enough for all the motivation they have instilled in me—EY and Donnis you are the best! ~Emily M.


I started at the Vault about a year and a half ago basically just out of curiosity. I had heard about the "crazy gym above the El Rancho" and happened to be looking for a new challenge at the time so I decided to check it out. I considered myself to be in decent shape at the time but was shocked by what the girls there could do!! I was hooked!!! All of the sudden I had new goals for myself like doing unassisted pull-ups, double-unders and a bunch of other things I had never heard of before I walked in there. EY and Donnis are so awesome that I can't imagine having anyone else teach me all of this new stuff. The environment there is so supportive with a little competition sprinkled in, which is right up my alley! I have met amazing people that I feel I can now call my friends and I am grateful for that. I've since met many of my goals and my family has to sit through my exhaustive descriptions of today's Vault workout every night at dinner and I love every minute of it!! I can't thank Donnis and EY enough for what they have created and for what it's done for me personally. I love The Vault!! :) ~Kate T.


Attending work outs at The Vault has been extremely rewarding for me in many ways! I’ve lost around 15 lbs. in about two months and the Vault has redefined my definition of being physically fit! The workouts are challenging but the environment is extremely supportive, I feel as if I’m working out with a team or a group of friends. Both Donnis and EY are fun and energetic trainers that offer sound advice helping me to achieve workout milestones and realize new fitness goals. I really enjoy participating in my workouts at the Vault and I feel far more physically and mentally prepared to tackle challenges ranging from hiking, biking, and skiing to just keeping up with a 2 year old. It feels like a real opportunity to be a part of Vault. Thanks! ~Dan S.


From pushing me to jump onto the 24” inch box to driving me to the ER at 6:30 a.m., Donnis and EY make sure I sensibly go to my limit every day. The swinging kettlebells, slamming barbells, and swooshing rowers all make for a dynamic, positive atmosphere that is addictive in the most positive way. The Vault has made me an effective cyclist, faster runner, and stronger person (inside and out!). I also love the Vault family – it’s so comforting to see familiar, friendly faces at 6 am in the gym and around town, especially as a new-to-town Durangatang. Thanks for everything! ~Cass B.


For some of us, we get to a point in life where we look around, look at ourselves and ask – “how did I get here”. Very cliché! However; it happens to many people. Looking at turning 50 just around the corner, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, overweight… something had to change.

EY, Donnis, and the Vault have helped me to gain back my life. It sounds dramatic; but, they really have from a physical standpoint. I have lost over 50 pounds, am no longer on blood pressure medicine, no longer on cholesterol medicine, and feel better than I have in years. I have muscles in places that I did not know there were muscles – get sore in places that I did not know could get sore. Sometimes in a class I will catch myself thinking that I can’t believe that I am doing this, not that I am doing it, but that I can do it! Who would have thunk it!

Thank you EY and Donnis. ~Jeff J.


I'm a new member at The Vault however I don't get that feeling of being new here. Except the new ass kicking and soreness of coarse! But Donnis and Ey have made every class I have attended very welcoming. One of the things I appreciate most at The Vault is that they never underestimate your ability level while still balancing proper technique and instruction. I feel challenged but not overwhelmed. Thank you both for all your hard work and I look forward to getting my butt kicked a lot more! ~Shelley M.


I have always been active, but I have never really committed to going to a particular gym. That all changed after my first visit to The Vault. After just two classes, I could see and feel a difference. Those changes have continued and I feel better and and stronger than I have ever felt. The classes are always fun and challenging and different.


And although I really like the results I have gotten from going to the Vault, the BEST part and the thing that really keeps me coming back are Donnis and EY and the sense of community they have established. I have had several frustrating medical issues over the past 6 months that have prevented me from coming in as much as I 'd like. The messages I received from Donnis checking on me made me feel missed and motivated me to come back to class even after I had to take a month off. I love you guys! Thanks for all that you do!~Kathy C.


I first heard about The Vault during the summer of 2011. My friend told me about a free program The Vault was putting on for kids who wished to get into shape and learn how to eat healthy. At that time, I was playing volleyball and very active and didn't feel like the program was right for me. However, my friend convinced me to go to one class just to give it a try. I instantly fell in love. The workouts were challenging, fun, and I felt so good about myself after finishing a class. I continued with the program well into the school year and when I decided not to try out for volleyball in the fall, The Vault was the perfect way for me to stay in shape. Eventually, when I became strong enough, I started attending regular classes and I have been going to The Vault for about a year and a half now. My favorite thing about The Vault is the atmosphere of the classes. I walk in and I am first greeted with a smile by either Donnis or EY and also by the friends I have made in the class. To Donnis and EY, I am not just another client; I am one of their friends and I can always count on one of them to inquire about my life and ask how everything is going. The Vault and Donnis and EY have pushed me to reach my true potential and I have noticed such a difference in myself not only physically, but mentally. Unfortunately, I have not been able to go to class in awhile because of my busy schedule, but I can't resist the workouts and I still do a similar Vault workout every weekend on my own. The Vault has had a significant effect on my life and transformed me into a different person. Donnis and EY have made me excited about working out. I look forward to the time when my schedule slows down and I am able to return to my regular classes. I know I will be greeted with a smile and a hard and challenging workout to boost my self-esteem. Thank you Donnis and EY for everything! ~Keely C.