Welcome to the start of a journey of health & happiness for you! Just by looking into the Reboot program- you are realizing that health and wellness will go a long way for you. Here is a brief introduction to the Reboot program and we hope we can meet with you to talk about how we can help you meet your health and fitness goals.


The Reboot program is centered around making a LIFESTYLE CHANGE! We want these little changes to stay with you LONG after the challenge has ended. Making healthier food choices, more exercise incorporated into daily routines, food prep time, goal setting and accountability. That is what the Reboot 8-week program will focus around!

  • A COMMUNITY:Inclusion on a private Facebook Group to be active on, learn from, get tips and inspiration. Participants will be encouraged to log in daily, read what is being posted, comment on posts when prompted, and post too! Share new recipes, successes you are noticing and struggles you are having. We will have group meetings/gatherings every other week where we check-in, do measurements and weights, hikes, workouts, or fun gatherings!
  • NUTRITION:Learning to log your food to understand what you put in your body to fuel it. You will be given guidance on your nutrition, recipe ideas, and more.
  • FITNESS: Being accountable for getting in your exercise in, pushing yourself, and increasing your goals. With lots of inspiration to do all of those things!
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Initial and monthly weigh-ins and measurements will help participants see progress, modify what they are doing and make the best decisions for their life
  • GOALS:We will set small 2 week goals and work together to meet them! We are on this journey with you all, reach out if you are having struggles and we will brainstorm ideas to get past it. Everyone is different, but you will be surprised how many of us go through the same struggles and successes. They may be fitness goals, meal prep goals, nutrition goals, and self-care goals... But we will make an effort to accomplish them all together! See what works for our lifestyles and work to be the best version of you!



Additional Info!

    Future reboot dates will be announced in the Fall

208 County Road 250, Durango, CO 81301

  • Includes all the above community, nutrition, fitness, accountability, and goal support. Additionally, we typically meet as a private group every two weeks for measurements, check-ins, extra workouts, gatherings/parties, or other fun! 
  • Visit our ReBoot Facebook page for additional info, success stories, reviews, etc... 

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